What are the Term dates for classes?




Charlie’s Chimps classes run in Blandford on Friday mornings during most term time Fridays.  Please note – we have slightly longer holidays than schools, (for example – a fortnight each half term, and 3 weeks at Christmas etc).  This term – classes run in Blandford up to and including 13th Dec 2019.  After Christmas, Charlie’s Chimps will return to Blandford from 10th Jan 2020 and will run up to and including 14th Feb (when we break for half term – no classes 21st/28th Feb 2020).

Charlie’s Chimps runs Badger Cubs Club at Castle Court School most Wednesday mornings – all details available from Castle Court School on 01202 694438.




Are there taster sessions for classes?

You can book a block of 3 taster classes on consecutive weeks for £10 total per child – please contact Megs on 07713 883642 to enquire about availability and to arrange a start date.  Payment is by BACS in advance of the first taster – please transfer taster fee to account number 04699013 and sort code 09 01 29.  Tasters are only booked once payment has been received (and dates are as agreed).

Charlie’s Chimps is thirsty work – so please feel free to bring a drink for your little one/s!

What are the class fees?

After your 3 taster sessions (£10 per child for 3 consecutive classes) and when you wish to join the Charlie’s Chimps family you can secure your child’s place by signing up to direct debit via gocardless.  Please click on this link:     https://pay.gocardless.com/AL000162NGF6GC     Class fees are paid for by a £21 monthly direct debit per child (£0 for August as Summer hols).  The benefits of direct debit for you include fees being evenly spread out (with no need to pay large lump sums up front), as well as the option to cancel it at your convenience – via your bank, or by telling Megan so she can cancel it via Gocardless before 4pm 2 working days before the 1st of the month direct debit payment is due.  (If paying for 2 children, the direct debit is £39 per month, £0 for August – thus including a generous multi child discount.  If paying for 3 children, the direct debit is £57 per month, £0 for August – thus including a generous multi child discount).  Please note – classes do not run during the holidays and we have slightly longer holidays than schools (for example we break for 3 weeks at Christmas and a fortnight each half term etc).  Class dates will be communicated on the website – under the ‘What are the term dates for classes’ tab.

When is payment due?


Direct debits will be requested on 1st of every month (with the exception of August – where it is set to £0) – or the nearest following working day.  When you first join Charlie’s Chimps, depending on how the dates fall, it may be appropriate for a reduced one off direct debit payment to be taken on a day other than 1st for the initial partial month to cover the remainder of the month.  When joining – new mandates must be completed before 2pm 5 working days before payment is due to be requested to give Megs/Gocardless sufficient time to set the payment up.

Missing these deadlines may result in your child’s place being allocated to someone on the waiting list.

Are there any extra perks with regards to fees?

Yes!  We understand that it is helpful to keep costs as low as possible so as well as offering a block of 3 consecutive initial taster classes for just £10 per child, we don’t charge a joining fee, neither do we charge an additional fee for insurance.  If you want to book places for 2 (or 3) children, a reduced rate of £39 (or £57) monthly direct debit is offered as a multi child discount.  (All direct debits are changed to £0 for August to reflect the fact that classes don’t run during the holidays).

Can I bring my little one's sibling along to classes too?

Little ones are never too young to benefit from involvement in Charlie’s Chimps!  If they are 6 months plus and you would like them to have their own place in the class – whereby they are involved in the class and have use of their own instruments and props, then their place is chargeable.  Do read up on our multi child discount in the box above – we want to be helpful wherever possible.  If you would prefer them to just soak up the atmosphere (without being involved in the class or use of their own instruments/props) then there is no charge.  This is purposefully flexible in order to enable you to choose whichever option suits you best.

What is the cost of booking a workshop?
This is by arrangement – please contact Megan Morris to discuss your requirements.
What are the terms and conditions?

Although Charlie’s Chimps strives to keep the same times and venues for sessions as advertised on the website, changes may sometimes be necessary. On occasion, Charlie’s Chimps may need to cancel sessions at short notice (e.g. due to staff sickness) in which case Charlie’s Chimps will make reasonable effort to inform the accompanying adult beforehand and an alternative class date/refund will be offered.  Charlie’s Chimps is unfortunately unable to offer a refund for any classes paid for that take place – regardless of changes of personal circumstances/holidays/child being unwell.  Refunds will not normally be made by Charlie’s Chimps when sessions are cancelled for reasons outside its control (eg snow).  Charlie’s Chimps will confirm bookings on a provisional basis where places are available, but places will not be secured until payment is received. Payment is needed by the publicised date in order to secure each child’s space in the class.  Charlie’s Chimps reserves the right to change prices for new bookings or renewals without notice.  Charlie’s Chimps accepts no liability or responsibility for any losses, costs, damages or accidents occurring.  It is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to ensure the safety of the child/ren in their care at all times.  Accompanying adults need to ensure props/instruments don’t go in their baby’s mouths and beaters are only used when stationary.  Babies not yet sitting confidently on their own will need lots of input from their adult in helping to hold instruments/props safely.  If Charlie’s Chimps props/instruments are damaged by mis-use, the accompanying adult will be liable to pay for replacement.  Photos/videos must not be taken by participants during classes.  Appropriate behaviour from all participants is essential in order to ensure the well-being of all: Charlie’s Chimps reserves the right to refuse a booking.  It is requested that children do not participate in sessions when they have communicable illnesses, or medical conditions that might be transmitted, or pose a risk to themselves, or others.

Has Charlie’s Chimps got public liability insurance?

Yes – public liability insurance is via GPTD membership.  Megan Morris has an enhanced disclosure check from DBS (copies of certificate available on request) and subscribes to the update service.

Is it okay to wear outdoor shoes in classes?

Yes – clean outdoor shoes are fine to be worn during classes, though we respectfully request that the jungle mats avoid contact with any shoes with a heel – so our jungle mats stay in good condition for everyone to enjoy.

How many accompanying adults per child are able to come to classes?
Generally, one accompanying adult per child is welcomed at classes – in order to avoid over crowding/shyness.  If you would like someone special to join you as a one off please don’t hesitate to ask Megan.
How early can we arrive for class?

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class starts as we cannot guarantee access to the premises.  In a similar way, once class has finished, please vacate the premises swiftly so the next class can be welcomed or the premises can be cleared.

What can accompanying adults do to help classes run as smoothly as possible?

Each adult needs to ensure that their child doesn’t ‘mouth’ instruments, beaters (for those 10 months+) are used only when stationary, and any babies not yet sitting confidently on their own will need lots of input from their adult in helping to hold the instruments/props safely.

For the babies there’s lots of ‘swooshing/whooshing’ input needed from their key adult to enable them to ‘fly high into the sky’ or ‘jump over the stinky squelchy swamp’ etc – imagination is key and the babies love seeing their adult get as involved as possible!

Your enthusiasm in encouraging your child to participate in each activity is tremendously important – so please get as involved as you can with each song, dance and activity.  Even if your little one is too old for you to need to ‘fly them high up into the sky’ (as adults of babes in arms will do), if your child sees YOU getting into the groove they are far more likely to want to join in, and this will maximize everyone’s enjoyment!  Enthusiasm is infectious!  In a similar way – the children can engage with the class much more easily when the studio is quiet so please refrain from chatting to other adults during the session.  Likewise, if your child becomes uncontrollably upset or disruptive please consider taking your child out of the room until they have calmed down.  For health and safety reasons, potty training is not allowed in a Charlie’s Chimps session – so if your child is potty training/trained please take them to the toilet before the class starts.  For health and safety reasons, food and hot drinks are not allowed during classes.  Charlie’s Chimps is thirsty work so please feel free to bring a (cold) drink for your little one!  Thank you in anticipation for your generous engagement!

What happens if I don’t want to continue with Charlie’s Chimps classes?

If you no longer wish to attend the remaining classes in the month you have already paid for, the place may be given to someone else of your choosing at any time provided Megan is given notice in advance.  (In this instance, the reduced rate for taster sessions would not apply).  You can cancel your direct debit via your bank, or by telling Megan so she can cancel it via Gocardless before 4pm 2 working days before the 1st of the month direct debit payment is due.

Are there any extra events?

Upon joining the Charlie’s Chimps mailing list you will receive a ‘Charlie’s Chimps Challenge’ by email during the year!


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