Great news – our stunning range of branded Charlie’s Chimps clothing in our eye catching bright yellow is available for you to purchase for your little one at bargain prices!

Gorgeous T shirts for little ones aged 1-2 or aged 3-4 (with embroidered Charlie’s Chimps logo) are just £10.  On occasion it may be possible for Megs to place an order for a lightweight ‘Kids Cool’ T shirt for children aged 3-4 (with embroidered Charlie’s Chimps logo) for the bargain price of £12.  Snuggly hoodies for children aged 3-4 or 5-6 (again with embroidered Charlie’s Chimps logo) are just £20.

Why not treat your precious one to both a T shirt and a hoody?! They make great presents too….and can of course be worn to classes as well as when relaxing and having fun elsewhere.

Are embroidered garments going to last longer than garments with a printed logo?

Embroidered garments don’t have the problems of cracking/peeling that occur with cheaper printed logos – so these garments are money well spent!  Do get in touch to specify what you require – and payment can be arranged with Megs (either as a one off payment from your Gocardless mandate, or cash).